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At Thomas & Thomas we can provide CPDs in our expertise to an array of sectors.

A continuing professional development (CPD) is an occasion to ensure that you keep up to date, stay ahead and manage your career. Get in touch for more information on our courses.

Party Wall CPD

We are recognised as experts in this often complex area of practice, having recently co-authored the latest RICS Party Wall Guidance Note and spoken on the matter at industry events such as RICS roadshows and Grand Designs Live.

Our CPDs can give your team a strong insight into what the Party Wall Act is and why it matters to your industry.

Over the last couple of years we have put on a series of lunchtime CPD sessions covering Party Wall procedures for Architects however are also applicable to engineers, housing associations and local authorities.

Our sessions are a face-to-face workshop style of course, allowing participants to more interactively learn about the Party Wall Act with our expert speaker and director Jonny Callard MRICS. A typical 50-minute session utilises 4 case studies (tailored to your industry) showing how the Party Wall Act has been used, as well as interesting and helpful tips for participants. To ensure that this is beneficial, we provide applicable and tailored information.

If you are a RIBA Chartered Member the session will count towards your annual CPD obligations.

Expert speaker

Jonny Callard MRICS  is a Party Wall specialist and promotes the best practice in the industry. Recently, Jonny became a committee member of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, who are the organisation that drafted the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Jonny has also spoken nationally on the topic at RICS roadshows and industry events such as Grand Designs Live.

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We are accredited

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved accreditation as a CPD Accredited Provider following a rigorous independent assessment process by The CPD Accreditation Group based in London, United Kingdom.

Obtaining the CPD Accredited Provider Status by The CPD Accreditation Group required arduous effort on our behalf to once again ensure that our online courses, support structure, procedures, and policies are robust and of the highest quality.

Receive a certificate

Upon successful completion of the accreditation process, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your participation and completion of our CPD course.

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Get in touch

Please get in touch with our team at cpd@ttsurveyors.com for more information and to book our CPDs.