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The Party Wall Act etc 1996 is a piece of legislation in England and Wales intended to enable development to take place whilst providing protection for adjoining owners and occupiers. The act does this by preventing building work taking place by one neighbour that could undermine the structural integrity of shared walls or neighbouring properties.

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A party wall is one that separates adjoining homes belonging to two or more owners.

This is a surprisingly complex area of the law as it covers multiple types of wall. Typically, a party wall is the wall that physically separates adjoining occupiers in terraced or semi-detached houses. 

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The surveyor(s) settle the dispute by making what is known as a Party Wall Award. This award will set out the following:

  • Full details on the works to be carried out.
  • How and when exactly the planned work is to be undertaken.
  • Any additional work which might be required.
  • Typically the award will hold a record of the condition in which the adjoining property is in prior to work taking place. 
  • Permission for a surveyor to carry out inspections whilst work is underway, ensuring the award is being complied with.

Typically the building owner pays all costs associated with the Party Wall Award, this includes the adjoining owner’s surveyors’ fee.

Whilst you cannot stop someone from exercising the rights given to them by the act, you might be able to influence how and when the work is carried out.

If you do not respond to your notice, you will be deemed to be in dispute with them. 

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Using industry-leading expertise in the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, we help you navigate through the legal process, enable projects, protect your interests and resolve disputes.

Our direct input and assistance with the drafting of the latest RICS Party Wall Guidance note is demonstrative of our expertise in interpretation of the Party Wall etc Act 1996. This guarantees that nobody is better placed to ensure your best interests are represented.

Whether you are a Building Owner, seeking to maximise the available floorspace of your development or an Adjoining Owner protecting themselves from a neighbouring development, our experts can ensure your rights are protected.

We are appointed as building owner’s surveyor on both residential and commercial schemes across England and Wales, but primarily in London and the South East.

We are able to assist at preliminary stages of design to ensure the party wall process is considered and used where necessary and advantageous to do so.

We are recognised as experts in this often complex area of practice. We have recently co-authored the latest RICS Party Wall Guidance Note.

Our approach encompasses our core values and sector expertise. We utilise the latest software to streamline the process and deliver efficiencies to building owners and developers.

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Rights of Light

We advise clients on Rights of Light matters from their initial acquisition through to resolution of rights, by following a simple, straightforward approach. Optimise site potential and mitigate impact to affected neighbours.

We use the latest software and site data, combined with detailed analysis, to develop a robuyst strategy for Developers wishing to manage their risk in relation to Light.

Our approach encompasses our core values and sector expertise. We utilise the latest software to streamline the process and deliver efficiencies to building owners and developers.

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