Your trusted partner to deliver strategic consultancy advice and a multitude of specialist surveys.

We pride ourselves on building trusted, long-standing relationships with our clients and fellow project team consultants. We carefully select subconsultants and project team members who share our core values and ethos, to ensure quality across the project team.

We have a good understanding of the property life cycle, enabling us to offer strategic advice on a range of portfolio matters including effective asset management and capital expenditure planning.

We have also built a capability to offer a wide range of survey types, such as Dilapidations assessments, DDA Access Audits, Measured Surveys, Defect Diagnosis Reports, Schedules of Condition, Snagging & Quality Control Assessments and many more.

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Dilapidations are essentially a claim for loss and expense. They are submitted by a Landlord to a Tenant, usually at Lease end, and describe the perceived difference between the condition the property was left in and the condition it should have been left in.

Whether we are acting on behalf of the landlord or the tenant, our surveyors use an honest, straightforward approach to guide you through the dilapidations process.

For tenants, we understand that dilapidations claims can be extremely complex and difficult to understand. Regardless of whether you are leaving an office, retail unit or industrial warehouse, we will help reach agreement with the landlord and avoid the need for costly legal dispute.

For landlords, we’ll provide you with a bespoke, tailored service, to prevent or resolve disputes and settle as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

Schedules of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is a detailed photographic report, which details the property condition at the time of the inspection. They are typically used either before building works commence, as a record in the event of damage, or when entering a Lease, to reduce Dilapidations liability.

A Schedule of is an essential report when appended to a lease. If you acquire a lease of business premises in the UK, it will likely include a repairing liability. The Schedule of Condition will accurately record the condition of the premises when you received it, thereby preventing you from having to repair beyond the state you received the property in at the start of the lease.

This can save hundreds of thousands of pounds at Lease end and usually cost less than £1000,00 to complete.

Access Audits

An Access Audit (also known as a DDA audit or Disabled Access Audit) is an assessment of a building to understand its accessibility to disabled people. We can conduct these assessments and then make detailed recommendations of the “reasonable adjustments” required by the legislation to fulfil the requirements of the Equality Act and improve access for the disabled.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Surveys

We assist Property Managers and Building Owners with Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules, which details the anticipated expenditure over the net 5-15 years. This allows them to more accurately forecast major works and budget effectively for maintenance.

This gives a strategic view of the property or properties, allowing portfolio managers to obtain significant savings by packaging maintenance and refurbishment work across estates.

Furthermore, they can be used to inform investment in plant and machinery, as well as improvements to energy efficiency, to reduce maintenance costs in the long term.

Measured Surveys

We can provide measured surveys, ranging from basic Estate Agent and Lease plans, through to 3D Point Cloud laser scans of existing structures, detailing sockets, switches, outlets, cill heights and decorative detailing.

Drone Surveys

We can now provide surveys of previously inaccessible buildings, using the latest camera technology, high tech unmanned drones and hardware to gather high resolution imagery and data from the air, spatially referenced from the ground, to give the most accurate survey data possible.

Architectural Consultancy

We have a number of consultant architects who can bring your vision to life.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Our team of degree qualified engineers can assess almost any mechanical, electrical or lift installation, and provide simple and straightforward recommendations to help maintain and improve their use and operation.

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