Combining collaboration, project-focused guidance and contractual expertise, to give you peace of mind from inception to completion.

We  help identify stakeholders, make design and project team selections, define roles and establish good communication from the outset.

We provide project guidance throughout, starting with detailed brief definition, goal setting and assessment of procurement options. We use thorough risk evaluation and robust financial management to ensure projects stay on course.

Our expert knowledge of JCT and other contractual forms ensures proper apportionment of risk and contractual cover, tailored to protect your interests.

Project Management Thomas & Thomas Chartered Surveyors

Project Management

Every project is different, with unique objectives, challenges and complexities. Thomas & Thomas Project Managers take a tailored approach to each project, drafting a detailed brief from the beginning, to ensure a clear understanding of the client’s objectives and how the project compliments the wider strategic interests of the business.

Our Project Managers take a straightforward, practical approach to Management of a client’s project. We aim to deliver a practical, solutions-based style, grounded in honesty and openness. This improves communication and helps to build trust.

We adopt a cooperative way of working and ensure a high degree of satisfaction that the project delivers on the initial objectives. We aim to remove inefficiency, ensure value for money and regulatory compliance with a collaborative, collegiate spirit and a continual focus on the desired outcomes of the project.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration of JCT construction contracts lies at the heart of our surveyors’ skill and delivery of well-managed projects.

We use our honest, open approach to contractual management to ensure value, mitigate risk and give guidance to ensure the Contractual responsibilities are discharged. We ensure open, transparent tendering and project audit, to demonstrate value to owners, developers and Leaseholders undertaking Section 20 refurbishment works.

Employers Agent

We offer Employer’s Agent services under the JCT Design & Build contract sets, managing  newbuild developments and working on behalf of commercial developer clients. We go beyond simply reporting on cost and programme, by using our technical expertise and construction knowledge to add value to new projects.

We assist clients in preparing robust Employer’s Requirements documents, to ensure that the project brief and design parameters are well-defined.

Cost Management & Project Monitoring

Thomas & Thomas use our extensive understanding of construction and contractual management in a number of ways. We can provide cost management of construction projects, independently of any Employer’s Agent or Contract Administration role, to provide the client with reassurance of an independent check of sums being Awarded to Contractors. Project Monitoring can be offered in a tailored way, to provide the client with bespoke reports on progress, quality or Health & Safety matters on site.

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